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vor 1998



  • Aarnes, Asbjorn: The other's face or face is not force. (A 363)
  • Knoblauch, Hubert: Metaphors, Provinces of Meaning and Sacred Cosmos. (A 364)
  • de Pater, Wim A.: Analogy and Disclosures: On religious language. (A 365)



  • Honda, Akira: The Go-Future in English. (A 327)



  • Nakamura, Wataru: Subjectification and the English Progressive. (A 318)
  • Bisschops, Ralph: Metaphor, Value and Status. (A 319)
  • Bridzun, Petra; Retz, Georg (eds.): Abstracts of the papers to be presented at the L.A.U.D.-Symposium "Intercultural Communication", Duisburg, March 23-27, 1992 (A 320a)
  • Keesing, Roger M.: Radical Cultural Difference: Anthropology's Myth? (A 321)



  • Barrera-Vidal, Alberto: Zum Genusproblem im Modernen Französisch: Rede zur Trauerfeier von Prof. Hartmut Kleineidam (A 304)
  • Retz, Georg (ed.): Abstracts of the papers to be presented at the L.A.U.D.-Symposium "Multidisciplinary Research on Reference", March 18-22, 1991. (A 305)
  • MacNamara, John: The Take Over of Psychology or The Devaluation of Reference in Psychology. (A 306)
  • Bencze, Lóránt: Fivefold Symmetry: A Model for the Parts of a Sentence. (A 308)
  • Zelinsky-Wibbelt, Cornelia: Token Reference vs. Type Reference: Implications for Machine Translation. (A 310)
  • Saalmann, Christel; Schulte, Helga: Abstracts of the papers to be held at the Second International Cognitive Linguistics Conference, Santa Cruz, July 29-August 2, 1991. (A 312)
  • Athanasiadou, Angeliki: Powerful Questioning. (A 313)
  • Carey, Kathleen: The Grammaticalization of the Perfect in Old English: An Account Based on Pragmatics and Metaphor. (A 316)
  • Fourie, D. J.: Cardinal Directions in Ndonga, Kwanyama, Herero, and Nama: A Cognitive Linguistics Analysis. (A 317)



  • Luelsdorff, Philip A.: Orthographic Representation and Explicitory Trajectories. (A 290)



  • Delbecque, Nicole: Wordorder as a Reflection of Alternate Conceptual Construals in French and Spanish. Similarities and Divergences in Adjective Position. (A 261)
  • Langacker, Ronald W.: Subjectification. (A 262)
  • Ikegami, Yoshihiko: What We See when We See 'Flying Cranes: 'Motion' or 'Transition'. (A 264)
  • Gorayska, Barbara; Lindsay, Roger: Metasemantics of Relevance. (A 265)
  • Janssen, Theo A.J.M.: Present and Past: Counterparts of this and that. (A 269)
  • Casad, Eugene H.: Speaker Vantagepoint and Canonical Event Structure in Cora. (A 270)
  • Newman, John: The Semantics of Giving in Mandarin. (A 273)
  • Casad, Eugene H.: The Grammaticalization of the Cora Quotative yee. (A 274)
  • Schulze, Rainer; Dirven, René: Extended Bibliography of Cognitive Linguistics. (A 278)



  • Heine, Bernd; Claudi, Ulrike; Hünnemeyer, Friederike: From Cognition to Grammar - Evidence from African Languages. (A 210)
  • Tornita, Masaru: Parser Factory: The Universal Parser Compiler and Its Application to a Knowledge-Based Speech Translation System. (A 223)


  • Kotzé, Ernst F.: How Creoloid Can You Be? - Aspects of Malay Afrikaans (A188)
  • Ikegami, Yoshikio: Homology of Language and Culture. A Case in Japanese Semiotics (A189)
  • Kunst Gnamuš, Olga: Linguistic Form, Between System and Use (A 190)
  • Suresh Canagarajah, Athelstan: Speech Act Theory and Literary Discourse: Is Communication Intentional or Conventional? (A 191)
  • Dressler, Wolfgang U./Barbaresi, Lavinia M.: Elements of Morphopragmatics (A 194)
  • Myers, Greg: The Pragmatics of Politeness in Scientific Articles (A 203)